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Undercover Bullet Proof Jacket/Vest (Female/Male)


Australian Concept, Design & Manufacture:


The undercover bullet proof jacket/vest, elegant for everyday use, in various attractive designs, able to be worn daily by police, shore patrols, people in life threatening situations (politicians, business leaders, money couriers, civil police force, body guards etc.). The style of the jacket/vest is non-military, offers high level of protection, and yet is stylish.

It has been treated to be water and wind resistant, and is quilted on the inside, offering warmth for cold weather. In the summer the sleeves may be detached, converting the bullet proof jacket into a stylish bullet proof vest, which weighs just 1.2kg (includes standard ballistic plate).

An optional ceramic panel maybe inserted, total weight of vest plus ceramic panel is 2.6kg. The ballistic material is Kevlar from Dupont, or Twaron from Akzo. The ceramic plate is 20cm x 35cm, weighing 2.8kg. It offers protection of NIJ IIIA. It gives protection from emission from such as M16, Kalchenikov.

A pocket for a mobile phone, or microphone, can be added to the front of the vest. The jacket can be modified with two zips beside the hips to enable easy access to a gun or capsicum spray.

A pocket is sewn inside the vest to allow the ceramic plate to be slid in or removed.

An option for a trauma plate is available. The trauma plate is a maximum of 43mm, and protects the wearer from gun shot. Wearing the bullet proof jacket/vest alone can result in injury from indentation - but the trauma plate is able to absorb the impact of a bullet. This indentation can cause internal injury. A pocket is available on the vest to insert the plate.

  • Different colours available

  • All sizes available



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