Respirators Duram Escape Mask Duram Smoke Hood Disposable NBC Suit
Day/Night Vision Systems Long Range Recon System Protective Equipment NEW Bird Flu Kit
Metal Detector Bullet-proof Jackets/Vests Undergarment Bullet Proof Vest Remote Fire Detection System

Auto Detection IR System

Storage Containers    

Selected Clients (Personal Gas Mask)

Argyle Diamonds (Western Australia)
Australian Federal Police
Azko Electric
Bell Equipment
Carlton Hotels
City Councils
Coca Cola Ltd.
Dalakuma (Pap New Guinea)
Diamond Exchange Ltd.
Emerson Electric
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Finnish Police Department
Halliburton Far East Ltd.
Hilton Hotels
Holiday Inn Hotels

Italian Navy
Las Vegas Police Department
McDonnel Douglas Air Company
Monstano Chemical Co.
Rio Tinto
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
San Diego Fire Department
Shell Co. Ltd.
Sheraton Hotels
Swedish Law Enforcement
Taiwan Air Force
U.S. Marine Corp's Chemical and Biological Response Force
Woodside Emergency

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