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Automatic Detection IR System

The Duram ADIS (Automatic Detection IR System) is a passive automatic detection day/night infrared system, for perimeter security and counter-terrorist applications.

The Duram ADIS can be used as a stand-alone system or in combination with territory protection systems like electronic fences and detects every intrusion into protected territory.

The system features small size sensors (single or multiple) linked to a remote control station. Panoramic full 360˚ field-of-view scanning generates a fresh, high quality thermal image of the scenery every few seconds and generates alarm signal upon intrusion detection in predetermined sections of the scanned scenery.


  • Security and perimeter defence
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Coast and border guards
  • Security of industrial areas
  • Sensitive installation protection.


  • Day/night automatic detection and alarm
  • Panoramic scanning
  • Alarms from predefined sections only
  • High resolution
  • Built-in digital recording and image playback of detection incident
  • Remote controlled by PC
  • 360˚ coverage
  • Easy operation
  • High reliability




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