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Remote Fire Detection System

                       The IR Radar

State of the art passive Infra red system for security/civilian applications

Remote Fire Detection system

  • Infiltration detection by panoramic imaging and warning system
  • Panoramic scanning generates fresh thermal image every few seconds
  • Automatic detection of intrusion into protected territory
  • Alarm verification by viewing of the thermal image
  • Built in digital recording and image playback of detection incident.
  • Remote Fire Detection System

The IR radar implements hight resolution thermal imaging.

The IR radar also serves as an early warning system, for temperature sensitive installations such as petroleum or gas storage tank farms, dangerous chemical storage installations, forests and other open area installations.

The system will issue immediate warnings with precise location indication on displayed panoramic thermal image, when any area within defined detection zones exhibits a sudden rise in temperature or exceeds a set absolute temperature point. Absolute temperature of objects is remotely measured to a 5 degrees Celsius accuracy.

Early warning allows fire extinguishing and/or security operations to take place before serious danger to personnel or installation.

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