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Long-Range Reconnaissance and Observation System

  • Border control
  • Coastal observation & surveillance
  • Site security
  • Drug enforcement
  • Reconnaissance
  • Artillery spotting & ranging

  • Highly adaptable to various configurations
    and numerous applications.

  • Daytime visual coverage of up to 40km.

  • Effective night-time coverage (with optional FLIR sensor).

  • Programmable sector scanning pattern and interval.

  • Built-in, command and control computing capability.

  • Target location computed and converted
    into UTM coordinates.

  • Compilation of a "target bank" based on target UTM coordinates.

  • Positive, real-time visual target recognition and identification.

  • Rugged, highly-reliable construction throughout.

  • Fix station or mobile installation, quickly and easily.

  • User-friendly operation.

  • Automatic motion detection capability (optional).

  • Add-on image processing capability (optional).

  • Land-line or wireless remote control option.

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