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Comparisons of fire behaviours between Stage 1 and Stage 2; common in aircraft, high-rise
, hotels, factories, offices, houses and cruise liners.



Commonly Found Products Beginning Temperature of Quantitive Decomposition Emissions During Quantitive Decomposition Beginning Temperature During Ignition Emissions During Ignition
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Plasticised:
Wire insulation, wall covering, leather-look upholstery

Electrical conduit, plumbing pipe, molded furniture
464-563 °F
(240-280 °C)

480 °F
(250 °C)
Hydrogen chloride, phthalate

Hydrogen chloride
1100 °F
(600 °C)

1100 °F
(600 °C)
Carbon monoxide, benzene, organics

Carbon monoxide, benzene, organics
Urethane Foam Flexible:
Pillows, mattresses, soft furniture stuffing

Building insulation, some furniture looking like wood
212-390 °F
(100-200 °C)

300-390 °F
(150-200 °C)
Large quantities of organics (50% weight on foam), hydrogen cyanide

Organics, hydrogen cyanide
750-840 °F
(400-450 °C)

840 °F
(450 °C)
Nitrogen oxides, benzene, carbon monoxide, organics

Nitrogen oxides, benzene, carbon monoxide, organics
Aeryienitrile Butadiene Styrane
Plumbing pipe, upholstery, computer casing, luggage 670 °F
(300 °C)
Hydrogen cyanide, organics 930 °F
(500 °C)
Nitorgen oxides, carbon monoxide, benzene and other organics
Polystyrene Hot/cold drinking cups, fast food packaging, other 390-570 °F
(200-300 °C)
Styrene, phenyls, diphenys 840 °F
(450 °C)
Carbon monoxide, phenois, other organics

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