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Undergarment Bullet Proof Vest (Female/Male)

  • Designed to provide maximum ballistic protection in a concealed format and provides the greatest surface area of ballistic protection in a standard concealable vest.
  • The vest is flexible and lightweight and fits under a shirt or a blouse.
  • The carrier is removable and made in Australia from 100% cotton for easy care. It provides
    5" x 8" front pocket for optional insertion of trauma plate.
  • The vest is NIJ certified to threat levels of I, II, IIA and IIIA and complies with body armour compliance 0101.03, and the new regulation standard of 0104.04.
  • In the shoulders of the ballistic vests are specially designed sponges for added comfort
    of the wearer. Results of tests suggest a definite feeling of weight reduction.
  • An additional modification to the vest is a three dimensional air pocket.
    This is attached to the rear and provides greater wearer comfort by evaporating excess body fluids. The incorporated modification provides a negligible increase in the weight of the ballistic vest.

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